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Internet is crucial for staying in touch with friends, family, and the rest of the world. When living in the sometimes-harsh climate of the Alaskan Bush, the internet becomes even more critical in helping, you feel a part of the world at large.

High Speed Internet for Remote Alaska Locations. (907) 451-0088

For many parts of Alaska, the internet connectivity available is too slow to run basic computer programs making internet hook-up near useless. Alaska Satellite Internet has solved that problem for you! We offer equipment and technological support for big names in reliable satellite internet you can trust, like HughesNet.

Why Alaska Satellite Internet?

We know that there are many different internet service providers out there, however, customers choose us over our competitors because we offer the best customer service when dealing with the realities of Alaska's weather and its harsh treatment of equipment. Our 24/7 tech support makes it easy to get your internet back up and running as fast as possible.

We have lived and worked in Alaska for 30 years and spent 25 years in the remote Alaska Bush giving us a strong knowledge of the working conditions, logistics issues, and local culture that exists.

Other Product Offerings

  • HughesNet Satellite Internet
  • Globalstar Satellite Phones
  • Delorme inReachSE
  • Ring Central VoIP
  • ViaSat Satellite Internet

Alaska Satellite Internet also offers satellite phone service. We're located in Fairbanks, AK. Contact us today.

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